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OXUS Afghanistan has reached 20,000 active clients

Entrepreneurship in Afghanistan benefits from micro credit: the microfinance institution OXUS Afghanistan has reached 20,000 clients in February 2016

One figure: 20 000. Which represents the number of micro entrepreneurs currently financed by OXUS in Afghanistan. The microfinance institution of the OXUS network was founded in 2007 by the French NGO ACTED and has been present for almost 10 years in Afghanistan. Its clients are the small Afghan merchants, craftsmen and farmers who participate in the country’s reconstruction, in rural as well as urban areas.

OXUS Afghanistan is present throughout the country thanks to a network of 17 branches and 369 employees. Today, 20 000 clients of which almost 50% live in unprivileged rural areas benefit from an average loan amount of around 400 euros. In 10 years, over 100 000 loans have been granted by OXUS Afghanistan and therefore testify of the microfinance institution’s continuous commitment towards the population most excluded from the traditional banking system.

OXUS Afghanistan’s mission is to provide sustainable and tailored financial services to the working poor and underbanked in order to improve sustainably its clients’ livelihoods.

Reaching this symbolic figure is a true testimony of the strong impact of the OXUS programmes in the field, especially with the Afghan population in a post-conflict country. A country where support to economic development is the remaining bulwark against the mass exodus Afghanistan is experiencing today.

About OXUS

With more than 10 years of experience in strong social impact oriented microfinance, OXUS is the French network of reference in its field in post-crisis countries. OXUS is a responsible and social company, committed to providing financial services to the working poor and underbanked excluded from the traditional banking system.

The OXUS network finances over 60 000 micro entrepreneurs in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with a total outstanding portfolio of EUR 40 million at the end of 2015. The OXUS network is committed to building teams of recognized professionals, creating and offering the most efficient microfinance services, and overall providing sustainable livelihoods for its clients.


With 20 000 micro entrepreneurs financed, OXUS Afghanistan is one of the leaders of microfinance in Afghanistan. Given the security and economic difficulties in the country, there are increasingly great needs for financial services and we forecast rapid growth in the years to come, with the opening of new branches both in rural and urban areas.

Salim Khan, CEO OXUS Afghanistan

After reaching 20 000 active clients in Tajikistan in 2013, 20 000 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2015, and now in Afghanistan, the OXUS network will continue its growth and plans to finance about 100 000 clients in crisis context countries in the next two years.

Sébastien Duquet, CEO OXUS Development Network

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