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Created in 2007 with funding from MISFA, OXUS Afghanistan was able to build on ACTED’s experience and past programmes in the country, in particular a micro-loan initiative to provide farmers with seeds and tools for sowing. OXUS Afghanistan operates 13 branches across the country and is today ranked third microfinance provider in portfolio terms. Since inception and as of march 2015, OXUS Afghanistan has disbursed 107,828 loans worth EUR 70 million.

Due to the low penetration of commercial banks in rural areas and the lack of microfinance institutions (MFIs), Afghanistan is an extremely promising market. With a population of just over 30 million and a growing economy, many micro entrepreneurs and small and medium sized enterprises are in need of funding and investment.




To date, OXUS Afghanistan offers height different product types : collateral-free group loan product, individual loan product, social loan product, small and medium enterprise loan product, staff and salary loan products, Zahra/agriculture murabeha, and gold back loan product.

At present two thirds of the loans disbursed by OXUS in Afghanistan were disbursed to small credit groups. Individual business loans are also particularly successful because OXUS’ clients working in trade or commerce favour the higher degree of flexibility offered by these products. At present most of OXUS Afghanistan clients are small traders or shopkeepers (88%), while others produce handicrafts (8%) or work in the agricultural sector (4%). In the meantime, over 37% of OXUS’ clients in Afghanistan are women.

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Salim Khan – Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Salim Khan is the Chief Executive Officer of OXUS Afghanistan. Mr. Khan has a Master’s Degree in Commerce and Accounting with Distinction. He is an International Certified Expert in Risk Management, SME Lending and Microfinance from the Frankfurt School of Business & Management in Germany. He also holds a Diploma in Microfinance from Kampla University. Prior to joining OXUS Afghanistan, Mr. Khan worked with FINCA as a Chief Operating Officer and Head of Risk Management in The First MicroFinanceBank Afghanistan. He also served as a board member of FINCA Microfinance Bank Pakistan and currently holds a position of Board member with the Afghanistan Microfinance Association and OXUS Tajikistan. Mr. Khan also worked in senior positions with FMFB Pakistan, AKRSP Pakistan and AKDN Afghanistan.

Nizamuddin Amiry – Chief Financial Officer

Nizamuddin AMIRY has done Matriculation from Rawalpindi Public School & College in 2005, A-Levels from The City School in 2007 and currently studying professional level of ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountant). In February 2008 he joined PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) an audit firm as auditor where he gained experience in audit and financial management especially in MFIs. He joined OXUS Group in June 2011 as a Chief Financial Officer of OXUS Afghanistan.


Maroof Ziaey – Chief Operations Officer

Maroof Ziaey has an ongoing MBA from the Indian School of Business Management and Administration, a BBA from Maiwand Institute of Higher Education and a Business Professional Degree from AGMC. Maroof Ziaey has more than 14 years’ of work experience in Banking and Development. He has worked as Branch Manager, Deputy Regional Manager, Regional Manager, Recovery/Legal Manager, Program Coordinator/Executive Director and Regional Coordinator for organizations such as ARMP, a project of Aga Khan Agency for Microfinance AKAM, The First Microfinance Bank, FINCA Afghansitan, Concern Worldwide and USAID/Financial Access For Investing in the Development of Afghanistan project. He has also completed several short courses in Conflict resolution, Good governance, Social Innovation, Governance and Policy Advice from US Institute of Peace and IVersity University in Germany. Mr. Maroof has attended several conferences and trainings in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Tajikistan and Pakistan, and acted as board member with Badakhshan Women Help Organization, a development NGO operating in Afghanistan. Maroof Ziaey joined OXUS Afghanistan in September 2014 as Chief Operating Officer.



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