OXUS Development Network


OXUS Holding is the investment vehicle of the OXUS Group. It was created in 2007 in order to fund the activities of OXUS microfinance institutions (MFIs) in various countries. OXUS Holding is the sole shareholder and equity investor of OXUS Development Network and of most OXUS MFIs. OXUS Holding also provides loans to OXUS MFIs. ACTED owns 54% of OXUS Holding shares.



OXUS Development Network (ODN) is the services company set up by OXUS. It provides technical assistance and consulting services to OXUS MFIs and ACTED’s various microfinance initiatives. OXUS Development Network also puts its microfinance expertise at the service of other partners. ODN’s headquarters are located in Paris, France.

ODN’s primary task is the financial management of OXUS and the supervision of the different OXUS MFIs. DON is responsible for providing these MFIs witgh technical assistance and standardising their procedures, products and methods. ODN is also in charge of OXUS’s auditing and internal control processes. Finally, ODN works at representing and promoting OXUS’ brand by designing coherent and effectivement communication tools and campaigns.



The OXUS Holding Board of Supervisors is chaired by Mrs. Priscilla de Moustier – General Director of 2MMF.

Other members of the Board are:

  • Mrs. Marie-Pierre Caley – General Delegate of ACTED
  • Mr. Arnaud Moor – President of Proxis Développement
  • Ms. Béatrice de Montleau – General Secretary of AFM
  • Mr. Patrice Lucas – General Director of Nanzenji
  • Mr. Christian Donnefort – President of Tiare Groupe