Investment intern

  • Position: Investment Intern
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Time: 6 months
  • Beginning: July 2016
  • Job Description : Investment_Intern_ENG
The intern will work within the Finance, Investment and Internal Audit division of OXUS Development Network. The managers of this department are the group CFO, the Director of Internal Audit and the Senior Investment Offcier, under the supervision of which the intern will perform his work. The Investment Intern will support the team for the key following tasks :
  • Control and consolidation of the monthly financial results of OXUS’ affiliates
  • Support for the 2016 capital-raising of OXUS Holding and OXUS’ affiliates : production of financial documents for potential investors (business plans, teasers, investment memos) and documents for communication purpose
  • Writing of the 2015 annual report of OXUS
  • Follow-up of the long-term borrowings of OXUS (covenants follow-up, financial communication towards lenders)
  • Study of the macroeconomic environment in Congo and Central Asia (weekly newsletter, studies focusing on one affiliate of the group)
  • Support to the update of OXUS website (press releases, articles)
Skills required are :
  • Business or engineering school student – Major Corporate Finance
  • Strong skills in financial analysis
  • Analytical mind
  • Good relational and organizational skills
  • Excellent oral and writing skills, in French and English
  • Interest for microfinance and emerging countries
Conditions are :
  • Time : 6 months
  • Package : legal remuneration + 50% of the transportation ticket and tickets for lunch
To apply : Please send a CV and cover letter in English to The cover letter should put forward   experiences and skills relevant for the available position.