The OXUS Group employs 794 persons worldwide and offers exciting career opportunities in the fields of Operations, Finance, Human Resources and General Management.

A Stimulating Work Environment

                      The OXUS Group places very high expectations on its staff members worldwide. As such, OXUS’ employees enjoy a stimulating and comfortable working environment as well as a wide range of benefits. This commitment to the well-being and satisfaction of staff is the main reason why employees remain so loyal to the OXUS Group.

OXUS staff members are offered many opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge. Regular training sessions are available for all employees. The OXUS Group also pays close attention to its staff members’ careers and offers regular evaluations and assessments to allow for inner mobility.

Equal Employment Opportunities

OXUS employees are hired on the basis of merit and qualifications for the position, without regard to race, colour, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnicity, political opinion, gender or disability status.

Selection for employment is solely contingent upon the individual’s ability to meet the qualifications as defined in the position’s Terms of Reference (TOR), and ability to perform in a satisfactory manner.

Job Offers

If you wish to have the opportunity to develop your talents in a challenging international working environment, while contributing to global poverty reduction please see the section « Job offers» for more information.

We are continuously looking for qualified individuals; so if you would like to submit an open, spontaneous application, please write to OXUS Development Network at